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Adjust Parking Brake

  1. Remove cover of diagnostic connection
  2. Unclip parking brake lever (2) from central console and lift upwards
  3. Release the adjusting nut (3) completely by turning it backwards
  4. Bring parking brake lever (1) to position "0" (released)
  5. Depress brake pedal fully at least 5 times
    • Note: To adjust the play on the parking brake at the brake calliper or brake drum - ensure that each time the brake is activated, the brake pedal returns to the original position (fully relieved of stress). In vehicles with a drum brake the adjusting lever should no longer be heard to jump beforehand.
  6. Pull parking brake lever 5 times to the stop and release again.
  7. Pull on parking brake lever (1) to the 2nd notch
  8. Turn adjusting nut on parking brake lever until the rear wheels can only be turned with difficulty
    • Note: The braking effect must be equal on both wheels.
  9. Pull on parking brake lever to the 3rd notch
    • Note: The wheels must be fixed at the 3rd notch.
  10. Clip parking brake lever bellows to central console
  11. Attach cover of diagnostic connection
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