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    Hi I have some jom coilovers to fit next week to my vectra c 2.2 direct. I am wondering if i still need the droplinks as surely the car would be more stiffer anyhow. Ive heard people run cars without them when fitting coilovers. Help please / advise Thankyou
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    Handbrake re set ??

    I was wondering what you have to do to re set the handbrake after new cables discs n pads on a vectra c please ??. Thankyou
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    Hi im hoping some can point me in the right direction. Ive a vectra c 2.2 and the steering is wandering and following every line in the road which is quite worrying when braking as the steering wheel is all over the place and im fighting with it. Car has had new lower arms and track rod ends...
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    2.2 direct cold start

    Hi all I wondered if anyone can help. I have a cold start problem on my vectra 2.2 direct. When you start the car from cold it has no high tickover which then comes down after a few seconds on getting warm and idles normally. It now just starts and goes straight to idle there is no higher revs...
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    Wandering steering

    Hi all. I have just had new track rod ends and new front lower control arms fitted to my 2.2 direct as it is following the road and what i call tram lining. The steering follows un even road surfaces etc and can be dangerous when braking as you have to hold on tight to the steering. Could this...
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    Z22YH Rattling

    Hi Yep balance chain was the culprit and failure of the tensioner has probably done this. Its stripped some teeth as well. Why would the tensioner failure ??. I change the oil and filter every 5000 miles.
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    Z22YH Rattling

    Hi all i have a rattling engine on my vectra 2.2 direct with the z22yh engine. Thinking about changing the timing chain but not sure to balance chain as well ??? Thanks
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    Engine noise

    Ok thanks but i always change the oil at 5000 miles and the filings were not there last time . Would it be a good idea to put some hydraulic lifter oil in ?? Maybe ones been sticking ??
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    Engine noise

    Hi I decided it would be a good idea to fit a magnetic sump plug / drain bolt. I have recently encounted some slight noise from the back of the engine and on changing the oil noticed filings on the sump plug !!!!. Obviously i have a problem. Has anyone else ??? Or could someone suggest anything...
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    Steering wheel

    Hi all i have a slight problem with my vectra c 2.2 direct sri. The steering wheel is all over the place on uneven roads. Its a pain to keep straight sometimes. I wondered if it could be needing new track rod ends at all ???. Thanks.
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    Hi all . Could someone please suggest the best droplinks / tie rodsfor the front to use on my 2.2 Sri. Thankyou
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    Car key

    Hi whats the best place or best option to replace my worn out car key for a vectra c sri. Thankyou
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    Z22YH Holding back

    Hi guys i wondered if any body else has suffered lack of performance with the z22yh engine 2.2 direct when the engine is cold. Mine holds back and doesnt rev out and also it will hold back then all of a sudden pick up. It feels like a misfire but its not that. Help needed !!! Thankyou
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    Rear lower control arm

    Hi Could someone tell me if the rear outer bush is situated in the rear hub carrier and all you have to do is lower the arm away to get to the bush to press it out. The bush is not situated or pressed into the actual lower arm. Thankyou
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    Map sensor

    Hi. Is it easy to get to and change the Map sensor on a vectra c 2.2 direct ? Thankyou