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    Wanted 2.4 inlet manifold

    Thanks guys is this the correct part? Also I was reading about alternator and ecu mounting issues while fitting this .... what do I need to look out for or fabricate thanks
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    Hello from Poole

    Hi all just bought a bargain Vectra 150 , had a running fault so practically stole it off eBay , fitted a genuine coil pack (after reading on here) and issue solved , also had the use of tech 2 as my old mans a Vauxhall tech ( I’m ford) found lots of very helpful stuff so far Great stuff
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    Wanted 2.4 inlet manifold

    Hi all I’m new to the forum but I’ve been reading a lot of posts which have helped a lot with my 150 Vectra ... I’m a mechanic myself and my dad is a Vauxhall mechanic anyways .... I was reading up about increasing the power and trying to get rid of the flat spot these engines suffer with , and...