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    Z22SE Insane oil usage

    That's what i thought. Sump, oil pan , Same thing. Carter is english, but it does not mean oil pan. The spring could be from inside the old tensioner , Still can't think what the other piece would be from or the small washer.

    Z22SE Insane oil usage

    What is the carter? Is that another word for sump ? the big round disk could be this part in the centre of the balance chain tensioner. Not sure where the other pieces could be from.

    Knocking at rear of car

    Started to get a terrible knocking noise at rear of car over the last few days, Suspected it was shock absorber or broken spring maybe,after clearing out junk in the boot. Narrowed it down to part called cup shock absorber on the 7 zap website is where i got the name. This first image is...

    Z22SE Stutters on half tank

    From the pictures , It looks like you should completely drain the tank and clean out as best you can if you have muck like that inside it. You say you put a new fuel filter in, that was why i suggested to clean out the injectors. You have probably shafted the new fuel filter as well, if that is...

    That f$%$#@g high pressure fuel pump on the Z22YH ... $36 to fix

    Did you take any pictures when you had it apart ? For future reference in case someone else needs to do it in future.

    Z22SE Stutters on half tank

    Maybe the injectors could do with a clean out. worth a try, taking them out and check the spray pattern on them by running some carb cleaner through them. It's worth a go, especially if you have fitted a new fuel filter recently. Assuming that it is a petrol car, try this one as well...

    Z22SE multiple DTC out of the blue!

    It could be related to your egr valve, If you have just changed it over . You could have upset the seating of the egr pipe where it enters the inlet manifold.

    EGR "o" ring

    Not quite sure of the size myself. Most of us on the forum have blanked off the egr and used a cheater plugged into the wiring loom. Browse the forum for a bit you will come across enough threads on the subject. If you do not go the blanking route then there are several stores that do the box...

    Something missing from alternator?

    The big greasy thread you are talking about is where the big red wire coming from the battery goes. You would probably be best to clean that thread up and make sure contact is being made correctly with the big red wire. Might help to explain why alternator is not charging the battery. It does...
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    Engine swap

    Should do it's the same car, only difference is the year on the registration plate. obviously you would need to swap the driveplate over
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    Fuel Problem?? Vauxhall Zafira 2.2 Petrol Auto 2009 75,000 Miles, Please Help/ Advice

    For a start off i would change the fuel filter although it not be the main problem If it's a petrol then i don't think it uses high pressure fuel pump. If it was myself i would be leaning towards possible blocked or faulty fuel injector/s There is an inexpensive way of testing these out...
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    What rear axle to install?

    Don't have a clue about that, and it does not seem like information that many other people know about. Or they would have given an opinion. Without the dimensions of the two different axles from two different models of the Astra, it would be a gamble. I would just stick with the same model of...
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    Got a Problemo

    Worked out for the best in the long run, cause when i took the inlet manifold off to get the starter out , i found a collection of oil inside and the small breather on the back of the manifold was partially blocked. A reminder to get a oil catch can. Ordered one this morning. Removing the...
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    Cat for Vectra B SRi 150

    Yes it won't affect any sensors already on the pipe. You just measure the diameter of pipe and get a cat a little bigger to fit over and weld it on...
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    Cat for Vectra B SRi 150

    Ebay would probably be your best bet. There won't be many second hand ones around now. If it's just a cat you need, why not go for a Magnaflow 200 cell high flow cat. Get it welded on. That's what i'll be going for in the near future, when my finances improve a bit. Got exact same car as...