Wow, I'm knackered. Set off this morning at 04:15 to get to Daz's Mum's house for him to do all the work. Woke up to a inch of snow! That cleared though on the M1.

Was also socked at the £5.60 I had to pay to cross the bridge to get into Wales. Might as well make the most of the view





Anyway, got to Daz's about 07:45, time for a cup of tea, and we set off to the garage.

He's got a craking set up, and the ramp is brilliant.



First up was the rear end, brake drums cleaned, shoes and handbrake adjusted. Daz will be able to explain a bit more, but these were well out, and needed quite a bit of adjustment.

Then rear springs and brake lines were fitted



Next up was the front end

Difference between original and new Eibach springs on the front

Me and Jamee left Daz doing the Cam Belt while we went for Fish and Chips






I didn't take any more pictured unfortunately, but it's like driving a new car now. The brakes have stiffened up a treat, the handbrake comes on after 2 clicks of the leaver, rather than about 6. The handling is fantastic. It's not too stiff, and the ride is nice and comfy. Chuck it into a corner, and it stiffens up just enough. The engine runs sweet as a nut now as well, most of the bits on the Cam Belt were on their way out.

So, all in all,

Eibach Springs Fitted
Goodridge Braded Brake Lines Fitted
Cam Belt and Water Pump Changed
Spark Plugs Changed
Fuel Filter Changed
Engine Oil + Filter Changed
Brake Fluid Changed
Engine Coolant Changed
Exhaust alighment sorted
Pollen Filter Changed

Great day, and well worth the 7 hour round trip.
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